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    This forum is for discussion about the proposed plans outlined in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework document. The deadline for responses to this initial consultation period is 16th January 2017.

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    These proposals are appalling. How on earth are Woodford residents going to get around on the roads with an increase in vehicles from 2,400 houses, not to mention the vehicles from 920 new properties on the airfield? This is complete madness. 2,400 houses in the middle of Woodford that will “complement” the over-priced development on the airfield will do absolutely NOTHING towards sorting out the type of housing needed to resolve the apparent massive shortage we are continually told we have in GB. No consideration has been given to the loss of greenbelt. The purpose of greenbelt is to prevent urban sprawl – fat chance of that if these ridiculous propsals go ahead. Who exactly are the people that came up with this lot? I don’t recall electing them!

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