New Housing Development on Woodford Aerodrome Site

Permission to build some 920 high quality properties on the former Woodford Aerodrome site was granted in July 2014.

Redrow homes will be leading the build which is expected to take 9 to 10 years to complete and it is the single biggest development in the North West for the next ten years.

Demolition and clearance of the site began in January 2015.

The site will be developed in three phases. The first phase which will take two years to complete will contain 145 dwellings and a village green. It is estimated that the gates will be open so to speak to the show houses in April 2016.

The second phase will begin during the third year of development.
It is during this period that the primary school will be delivered. This will allow for the necessary permissions for the school to be achieved and it will be ready before the 450th house is occupied. This phase will also see the delivery of the shops and pub, additional play areas and open spaces for the community. Links will be constructed to the southern half of the site, to enable phase three to commence.

The third and final phase is predicted to begin in the sixth year of the programme. As well as featuring generous open space and playing fields, phase three will include the commercial units.
The remaining properties would be built during this stage and Runway Park, which will act as a tribute to the historic use of the site, will be delivered.
It is estimated that the development of the site will take place over nine years, with a predicted maximum of 120 houses built per year.

Diagram of the three phases of the build on the former Woodford AerodromeAffordable Housing on the new development during phase 1 will consist of 14 dwellings representing 10% of the dwellings on site. The tenure of the Affordable accommodation will be split 50% intermediate and 50% affordable rented housing.
The Affordable Housing will be offered to the Affordable Housing Provider (AHP) before the occupation of 25% of the occupation on Phase 1. A binding contract will exist between the developer and AHP before 40% of occupation. The Affordable accommodation will be practically complete before 80% occupation.

Phases 2 and 3 – A total of 133 Affordable units are to be built representing 17% of the remaining dwellings. All the stipulations from phase 1 will be applicable to Phases 2 and 3.The affordable size and type will be based on market conditions and market needs and, as per Phase 1 affordable units have to be completed before 80% occupation for each of the phases.
The Affordable accommodation in Phase 2 will include 66 Self Contained Extra Care units, these will count towards the Affordable provision of phase 2.

New roundabout to be contructed at entrance to site(278 works)
The Eastern Access is to be constructed prior to the 1st occupation and the Western Access is to be constructed Prior to the 450th occupation.
The construction of the environmental enhancement to Chester Road is to be completed prior to the 450th occupation.

New roundabout at Woodford Aerodrome entrance

Proposed new roundabout layout for entrance to the new aerodrome development

These works are now complete and the entrance to the new site and show houses is open.